There has been times when the appearance of an item has influenced my wanting to buy it. I like to by things that are appealing to see. For example, I would probably be more likely to buy the food that is in a box with bighter colors, opposed to the box with dull writing and a small logo.



I think a newsletter is a letter that tells information about the topic of the newsletter.

Definition given in the book- a periodically published document containing news and announcements about a subject or theme. The purpose of a newsletter is to provide highly specialized information to a targeted audience.

Online definition- a written report, usually issued periodically, prepared by or for a group or institution, as a business firm, charitable organization, or government agency, to present information to employees, contributors, stockholders, or the like, and often to the press and public.


This is a frisbee I designed to advertise the band. It is used to help promote the band in the way that people usually want to know what is on the frisbee they are using, so people will read about the band.